Types of Disposable Gloves

August 08,2022

Since the outbreak of covid-19, disposable medical protective products, especially gloves, have received widespread attention.


Types of Latex Gloves

July 25,2022

Today, I will explain the types of latex gloves to you, so that you can better understand latex gloves.


Precautions for Latex Gloves

June 22,2022

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The Difference Between Medical Gloves and Food Grade Gloves

June 11,2022

Medical gloves are generally made of nitrile and latex: food-grade gloves are made of polyethylene plastic. Medical gloves are mainly used to protect the skin of medical staff's hands from infection and corrosion: food grade gloves are mainly used to insulate them from oil and dirt. Medical gloves are made of natural latex and high quality nitrile, so they are more expensive than food-grade gloves.


Disposable Gloves are Widely Used in Various Industries

May 24,2022

Disposable gloves play a certain role in various industries. In which industries are disposable gloves used? Next, the manufacturer of transparent gloves will give you a detailed introduction.


Can Disposable Gloves Protect Against Viruses

May 11,2022

When taking transportation, you can't avoid touching the railings and other tools with your hands. What kind of disposable gloves are virus-proof?


Difference between Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves

April 26,2022

During the epidemic, disposable gloves have become an essential protective tool in our life, but there are too many kinds of protective gloves on the market, especially nitrile gloves and latex gloves!


Common Problems in Nitrile Gloves Production Process

April 14,2022

In recent years, allergic events in natural latex-coated gloves have occurred frequently, mainly due to the presence of allergenic proteins in natural latex. The current solution for the safety glove industry is the manufacture of safety latex products. The latter is the ideal target.


What Industries Are Nitrile Gloves Suitable For?

March 30,2022

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