Precautions for Latex Gloves

June 22,2022

  1. Avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, bases and organic solvents.


  1. For example, when handling infectious substances, latex gloves without powder and low protein should be selected. Powder free and low protein latex gloves can reduce the risk of allergies. However, the so-called hypoallergenic latex gloves can not reduce the risk of latex allergy, but can only reduce the allergic reaction caused by chemical additives in latex gloves.


latex gloves


  1. Resolutely implement the code of practice to reduce the risk of latex hazards. For example:


  • Do not use oily hand cream or make-up water when wearing latex gloves, as it may cause deterioration or damage of latex gloves.


  • After removing or removing latex gloves, wash hands with mild soap and thoroughly dry hands.


  • Disposable latex gloves shall not be worn repeatedly (because the gloves may have lost the ability to defend against harmful substances).
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