Types of Latex Gloves

July 25,2022

Today, I will explain the types of latex gloves to you, so that you can better understand latex gloves.


latex gloves


  1. Rubber acid and alkali-resistant protective gloves


There are sub-finger styles, continuous fingerstyle, and thickened style. The rubber content of finger type and thickened gloves is 50%, while that of finger type products is 96%. The glove standard is divided by length. The small finger s is 350mm, the medium M is 400mm, and the large L is 450mm. The large size standard does not have thick gloves with split fingers, and only the multi-finger type has the large size standard.


  1. Latex acid and alkali-resistant protective gloves


This industrial glove is only applicable to low-concentration acid-base solutions. General chemicals include dye solutions, toxic chemical raw materials, pollutants, and general industrial operations, to prevent occupational skin diseases. There are many types of latex gloves on the market, and their standards are also different, some expressed in length, some expressed in sleeve length. Users choose appropriate standards according to their own needs.


  1. Plastic acid and alkali-resistant protective gloves


These gloves contain properties such as resistance to polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), organic solution, aging resistance, etc. The products are divided into the short cylinders, medium cylinders, and long cylinders.


  1. Plastic impregnated acid and alkali-resistant protective gloves


These kinds of products are acid and alkali-resistant gloves with knitted cotton fabric as the fabric and PVC as the outer layer. In addition, there is also a kind of knitted cloth, which is based on canvas and coated with PVC. This kind of gloves is called "drop plastic gloves". It not only has the function of acid and alkali resistance but also has the function of wear resistance and skid resistance.


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