What Industries Are Nitrile Gloves Suitable For?

March 30,2022

Nitrile glove is widely used because of its prominent advantages. In this paper, we will introduce the wide applications of these nitrile gloves.


Nitrile Gloves.png


Laboratory Personnel


Nitrile gloves have the characteristics of snug and comfortable. And its performance is stable. Moreover, they have excellent chemical resistance and can avoid the stimulation and injury of chemicals to the skin. They are an excellent choice for laboratory personnel.


Assembly Line Workers


The excellent chemical resistance make nitrile gloves suitable for workers facing harmful chemicals. For example, workers working in battery manufacturing and processing plants need to wear gloves at work in the face of lead hazards.


Catering Industry


Compared with PVC gloves and PE gloves, nitrile gloves are more comfortable and more suitable for long-term wear. It is an ideal choice in the field of food processing and food service.


Maintenance Workers


Nitrile gloves can effectively isolate grease and will not cause "oil leakage", so they are especially suitable for maintenance workers who often come into contact with grease when repairing machinery, equipment and vehicles.


Sanitation Workers


Nitrile gloves can resist harmful chemicals. When cleaning workers wear nitrile gloves at work, they can protect their hands from contacting harmful chemicals in cleaning and effectively isolate pathogens.


Medical Staff


Nitrile gloves do not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies, and are very suitable for medical staff. In addition, the puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is three to five times higher than that of latex. Nitrile gloves are a better choice for dentists who need to use sharp tools.


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