Can Disposable Nitrile Gloves Come Into Contact With Food?

July 12,2022

Disposable Nitrile Gloves


Can disposable nitrile gloves come into contact with food?


Yes, it can.


The main components of disposable nitrile gloves are acrylonitrile and butadiene, which have the most abundant colors. Its raw materials are derived from petroleum extracts and can be made into various colors. They are widely used in food processing, homework, In agriculture, medical and other industries, purified disposable nitrile gloves can also be used in the production of high-tech products and the production of precision electronic components, laboratories, medical treatment and other fields, and can be used to contact food, but compared with latex gloves, Ding The elasticity of nitrile gloves is slightly lower, and the price will be slightly higher. Pay special attention when wearing them, and slowly pull up from the fingertips to minimize the resistance caused by wearing them and cause damage.


Can disposable latex gloves come into contact with food?


Yes, it can.


Disposable latex gloves are made of high-quality natural latex, together with other additives and refined by a special powder-free process. Generally, powdered latex gloves should be selected for contact with food to prevent the gloves from sticking together and making them easy to wear.